Infection Rate

This game is currently in Beta stage development!

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Game Guide

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Infection Rate is 3rd person Co-op Zombie Survival with multiplayer.


- Different ways to escape from the levels
- 8 playable characters with unique abilities and skills
- Random position spawn of items
- Combinations between items
- Additional extras like skins and item sets
- Cloud server for player accounts
- Online Co-Op up to 4 players
- Achievements
- Heart attacks
- And more...

What I would like to know from beta tests:

- Minor and major bugs breaking the normal gameplay.
- Balance of the various difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane. Each of them have a different number items and zombies.
- Balance of the different characters. Does anyone have an advantage over another.
- Online game with more than one player. All things that are strange and not looking good visually between the characters. However, this depends on player internet and lag.


Buttons that are made for testing purposes.
When level is started press:

F5 - Add 50 Life
F6 - Remove 50 Life
I - Attempt to start low heart attack level (EKG)
O - Attempt to start normal heart attack level (EKG)
P - Attempt to start high heart attack level (EKG)
L - Stop any active heart attack (EKG)
F11 - Stop/Play every music and sounds simultaneously

Test Accounts

All extras are unlocked:

Name: User1 / User2 / User3 / User4 / User5
Pin: 123456