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Infection Rate is 3rd person Co-op Zombie Survival with multiplayer. Players must find a way to survive together and escape the levels with any available opportunity: cars, helicopters or other.


- Different ways to escape from the levels
- 8 playable characters with unique abilities and skills
- Random spawn of the items on every level
- Combinations between items
- Additional extras like skins and item sets
- Steam Trading Cards
- Steam Achievements
- Steam Leaderboards
- Steam Cloud
- Online Co-Op up to 4 players
- Heart attacks
- And more...


This game have demo version. If you are not sure for this game will work on your PC, just test it. And if you like it - buy the game and play with full content. Thanks for your support!
Demo Limitations: Only 4 playable characters, No Achievements, No Leaderboards, No Statistics, No Online mode.