Crazy Squirrels 3D

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Crazy Squirrels 3D is 3rd person Action/Adventure game.
The player goal is to survive versus different animals like a hens, chickens, sheeps...
and reaching the end of level by fighting very aggressive boss.

At each level can be collected hazelnuts. With them you can unlock new things like a new characters, game modes, skins and more.

Furthermore, each level can be played differently, because items have random spawn positions.

As a trademark of the series "Crazy Squirrels", you can try your luck on the level slot machine which gives you various rewards. These rewards can significantly help you or hurt you in the level.


- High scores
- Achievements
- Cloud server for profiles
- Slot machine with rewards
- Items random spawn position
- Game platforms: PC Web Browsers (with unity free plugin),
Android (smartphones, tablets)
- 100% Free game
- Multiplayer CoOp, Versus mode


- Maximum allowed players online are 4.
- Maximum allowed squirrels are 2. They played in CO-OP and
they are "good" characters.
- If second player with squirrel disconnect or die he can't join the same room
again with squirrel.
- The goal of squirrels is to complete the level and getting earned hazelnuts from coins.
- It's possible to play with "enemy" characters like a: chickens, hens, sheeps...
- The goal of enemies is to kill squirrels on the level. For every health bar of
squirrel they get coins. Squirrels getting coins too as compensation, because
it's hard to play versus NPCs and real players.
- Enemy will get earned coins only if: all squirrels on the level are dead,
disconnected or they completed level.
- After level end every 16 coins are 1 hazelnut,
this apply for "good" and "enemy" characters.
- Enemies can't attack squirrels if level boss is started.
- It's possible to achieve new record from total coins in Single or Multiplayer.
- You can join game that is already started.